Thursday, July 15, 2010

Classified. Sir.

Dick Holt is our "get the evil doers out of our government" hero! Richard L. Holt '56 was born and raised in Panama. He maintains dual citizenship in both the U.S. and Panama. Dick was co-captain of the Wheaton Football team and named an MVP. Dick was ROTC at Wheaton.

Dick's amazing career includes many specialized areas including; Physicist, Oceanographer, Aerospace Technologist, Rancher, Land Developer and Lecturer. 

Dick is considered an expert on the Panama Canal and... Yes, Sir. I understand Sir. We can't mention that part. Ok.

Holt in 1957 was assigned to the 933rd Air Defense Missle BN (LA Site 98) Magic Mountain  as the Battery Commander; commanding a remote site on the northern perimeter of the greater Los Angeles. Much of his hands-on technical training in radars of the day, missiles, launch facilities, and the latest fire control radars... Yes Sir. Ok, Sir. I understand Sir. I can't talk about the missiles, Sir.

Holt was involved  in one of the first Underwater Instructor Programs started in Los Angeles. Holt began working at the Naval Missile Center, Point Mugu, CA where he began teaching SCUBA where he became one of the first in the world to train Dolphins for the military.  Yes Sir. Ok, Sir. I understand Sir. I can't talk about the military dolphins, Sir.

Holt also worked at the Naval Missle Center on Electronic Warfare to employ against the Soviets... Yes Sir. Ok, Sir. I understand Sir. I can't talk about the electronic warfare against the Soviets, Sir. Nothing about the "Old Crows" Ok Sir.

Dick was awarded a patent in his name for a highly classified countermeasures technique... Sir. Ok, Sir. I understand Sir. I can't talk about the highly classified countermeasures technique, Sir.

1962, Holt was offered a job in a new government organization, NASA, which was going to put man in space using Department of Defense boosters. He was named the first civilian Network Controller for the entire ground tracking system including aircraft and ships that were spread world-wide for the space missions, and became a member of NASA, one of the original team that established the Manned Space Center in Houston, Texas. Dick Holt was also named the Manager of the Mission Control facility which included all the operation and maintenance crews housed in that facility.  This assignment was in addition to his duties with Network Operations responsibilities.  At this time his combined civil service and contractor staff that he managed numbered well over 700 people. He was the first to train the astronauts for space by treating space suits like scuba gear underwater in Houston... Sir. Ok, Sir. I understand Sir. I can't talk about NASA, Sir.

ummm, JPL? Sir. Ok, Sir. I understand Sir. I can't talk about your time at JPL, Sir.

Ok, Then. Holt went to TRW to work on the satellite based tracking systems being used at the Goddard Space Flight Center... DOD... Pentagon... Code name Wolf Research... Ok, Ok. I get it. No Sir I'm not trying to be funny. Sir.

Holt spent 3 years working for the National Cancer Program developing the National Cancer Plan to take on the War against Cancer. Holt then was a Rancher in Idaho and later traveled for 800 days for free on cruise ships lecturing about how the Panama Canal worked. (or at least that's what he wants you to think he did during those years ) Sure, Sir.

Yes. Sir. I will include your statement in my blog posting:

"Rise up, America, or you are going to wake up too late to do anything about it.  Get the evil doers out of our government, no matter what they call themselves, Republicans or Democrats, nor what position they occupy, including the president and his staff.  Anyone that is out to take away your freedom is not in favor of America as we have known it."  - Dick Holt

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