Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Prayer Lady

Kelley Ryan is our "Broadway for Jesus" hero!  Kelley Ryan '92 is an actress, teacher, lyricist for stage and founder of the International Mega-Church Drama Theater for Jesus. Ryan holds a Master’s in Fine Arts in Acting from University of Missouri, Kansas City and the Kansas City Rep. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Philosophy and Literature from Wheaton College. Kelley was an artist-in-residence in New York Public Schools and in Kansas City Public Schools on projects of social relevance.

Ryan is the winner of an Christian Gold Crown Award, multiple IXOYE Awards (eight, more than any other composer) including the Special Joni Award for Lifetime Achievement in Christian Church Theatre, multiple Tammy Awards, and a Carman Champion Prize. Ryan has been described as "the greatest and perhaps best-known artist in the American Sunday Morning Christian musical theatre." Her most famous scores include (as composer/lyricist) The Wise Guys and Dolls, My Prayer Lady, Nun's Pence, Peter Plan,  Annie Get Your Son, Funny Grace, and The Zion King. Ryan was president of the Crystal Cathedral Flying Angel Guild from 1992 to 1998.

Ryan said "My time at Wheaton showed me how to incorporate my faith into theater in progressive ways. No longer do we as Christians have to settle for watching R-Rated movies or go to risque theater shows. The Christian church now has the ability to take what the world does and put our own twist on it. That way we never need to be exposed to ideas that might cause us to backslide. Besides where else can you go on a sunday morning and see drama for free? Yep, the church is the new theater. Blessings to you all, kiss, kiss."

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