Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Ordinary ONE.

Shayne Moore is our ordinary mama hero! Shayne is an author, blogger, speaker, mama of three, and outspoken advocate in the fight against extreme poverty and Global AIDS. Shayne is one of the original members of the ONE Campaign, did I mention she's hung out with Bono. Shayne hobbies are blogging, carpooling and do mountains of laundry for her 3 groms.

She was chosen to attend the G8 Summit as a delegate to Scotland & Russia to urge World Leaders to keep their promises or "this mama would be back to kick their ass at the next summit, and how do you say ass in Russian?" backwards N, Wak. "Good, got it, I feel like Sydney from an episode of ALIAS!! OK, minus the hot pink wig, the tight dress"

In 2007 Shayne was featured in a commercial with Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Rick Warren. I know there's a joke in there somewhere, Ok here it is... Julia, George, Matt and Rick were on a boat that started sinking, Julia blamed it contaminated water with hexavalent chromium, George blamed it George Bush for not acting sooner, and Matt blamed it on the fact there is not enough clean drinkable water while Rick said: 'Lord what on Earth Am I Here For? I know you sent me 2 boats and helicopter'"

Come on Shayne, just between you and us, are you a liberal or a conservative? Shayne: "Liberals would laugh if I considered myself liberal and Conservatives won’t own me either. I’m just sort of out here on my own. I'm just Moore or less."

Shayne obviously you have a great love for Wheaton College and have chosen to remain close by, what advice do you have for future students? "Mamas are gonna change the world!!! Even if we can't yet serve communion or be an elder at half the churches in this town, now let's go kick some ass, (in Africa I mean, not Wheaton,) go grrrl"

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