Thursday, April 1, 2010

Father of the Fruitcake

Wallace Panettone is our fruitcake hero! Wally has cemented his place in the archives with his Wheaton tradition of hiding the fruitcake. The tradition calls for seniors to hide a fruitcake on the first day and then make the juniors try to find it. Under where? Yes.

If the juniors could not locate the fruitcake, the seniors would expose where they had hidden the fruitcake on the last day of class.

During the 1930's rules were instituted to temper the shenanigans. Lots of fake fruitcakes were being hidden under wraps, so the real fruitcake must bare the signature of president of Wheaton. It was also stipulated that the real fruitcake could not be buried under cement or within five feet of a building or more than four feet under.

Not only did Wally "Chrometone" legitimize the tradition but he will always be remembered for his uncanny fruitcake radar.

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