Thursday, April 1, 2010


David Vanderveen is our downline daredevil diamond entrepreneurial hero! Vanderveen, co-founder of the Quixotic XXXS zEnergy Drinks, the fastest growing energy drink brand, with more than 500 million cases sold per year. XXXS zEnergy Drink is available in variety of flavors, including three that are caffeine-freek. The caffeinated flavors contain 9.88 ooze of caffeine, slightly more than market leader Ready Bull.

When asked how he felt about being the international energy drink kingpin, (the stuff that once added to your signature mixed coctail fuels late night wild drunken parties from Ibiza to Aruba) and coming from a dry conservative Christian college like Wheaton who strictly frowned on the imbibing of liquid stimulants? Vveeeen responded "dude, what's the question again? Want a flaming fire shot? Zero sugar, zero carbs and only eight calories"

So VVman what did you take away from your time at W? "Well, I took the Crusader  mascot helmet from the football storage locker. No seriously, I learned that to have a strong work ethic would bring me succeXS, and with XSX you can gain many things and have the XxXsS energy to complete what you are called to gain, because we are each of us are called to use our SXSW time on earth wisely and accumulate XSsss and rip it up so that you have the opportunity to built on that XXS and have adventures where you live in pure XOXOS worldwide." Ok then.

By the way where did you buy that tan? VV: "Grand Rapids"

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  1. Geeze, I actually thought I'd win an award for getting kicked out of Wheaton for poetry--I'll take what I can get. . .