Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time on the Couch

M.O. Couch is our "conspiracy" hero! Malcom Ollie Couch, Jr. is a dispensational, premillennial, conservative. He is the founder and president of the Tyndale Theological Seminary. He is also an author of many books, and has written 40 documentaries on Bible prophecies and biblical issues. Couch is part of the Pre-Trib Study Research Group that was founded by Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice. He is also a member of Tyndale Seminary's Conservative Theological Society.


As a young man, Couch worked in television news. While at the Dallas Theological Seminary, Couch filmed stories for WFAA-TV in Dallas. It was there he was assigned to cover President Kennedy's fateful 1963 visit. Couch was in a media car that was part of the presidential motorcade. He and other reporters heard three shots fired as they proceeded along Houston Street toward the Texas School Book Depository. "The reporter next to me jabbed me in the ribs. ‘Look!’ he yelled, ‘Up in the window...a rifle!’ “He was pointing straight in front of us to the Texas School Book Depository Building. There, on the fifth or sixth story, I saw about a foot of a rifle being drawn back into a window. I was also one of the few persons to see a small amount of brain matter near where the shooting had occurred."

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Today, Couch is an alumnus and vice president of the Scofield Graduate School and Seminary located in Modesto, California. Why  send your kids to Wheaton when you can get a certificate of Ministry for FREE and a degree for just $3K. But wait there's more...  if you call now you also get a Scofield wife-beater and a beer stein!

Hey is this school accredited? You betcha!  This guy who works for ICAATS (International Council for Accrediting Alternate and Theological Studies) in India says your degree is 2 legit 2 quit, baby! Oops their website is down, don't worry though they are a real organization, trust me!

Scofield Graduate School is right on top of the latest academic information - even the recent WikiLeaks scandal is part of the curriculum:

"One such event recently made international news and has jeopardized the lives of many of our service members and allies fighting the war in Afghanistan. In May of this year U.S. authorities arrested Army Private First Class Bradley Manning for espionage. Manning had subversively released a large volume of classified information about military operations in Afghanistan to Wikileaks. The release of this information by Manning to Wikileaks was politically motivated. It turns out Manning is a homosexual activist who may have been considering a sex-change operation."

Also they are active in the immigration debate:

"We have just been sent photos of the "whoevers" destroying the American and Arizona flags in Phoenix at a rally on July 31. This may not have made the news but the pictures were forwarded to us by the relatives of friends of this ministry. At some point this behavior will come home to roost. It cannot go on forever! It is a form of revolution and civil war. It will not stop. The energy to do such destruction will not just evaporate and go away. It will bear fruit in the form of some kind of response. Prepare for some form of civil war, many are telling us."

They warn about the Government conspiracy to euthanize veterans!
"The Veteran's Administration is now calling in families of Vets and warning them that prime care may be removed from vets in Veteran Homes as ordered by the government. The hospitals the government now controls will be the first to impose euthanizing patients."

Also be aware of the evil destruction brought about by Feminism! Turn or Burn Baby!

"Are you watching what is happening on television lately? Almost all of the news anchor people are women. And most of them are blonds! Too, when interviewing a family about some issue, the ones spoken to most often are mothers, not the fathers! Women are doing everything! Men are expendable. There is an agenda afoot! And it is destroying the influence of men in our culture...The husbands are not innocent. Like in our present day, they are allowing or even encouraging their wives to sin religiously. Some husbands even seem to be promoting feminism!"

Is this some kind of JFK conspiracy thing? Are you sure you went to Wheaton? Are you Baptist?

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