Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there lived a magical cathedral filled with enchanted characters. The happiest place on earth was surrounded by  the sweet smell of orange trees. Yes, kids, a place where dreams come true and where spires stretch  high into the sky. In this beautiful cathedral lived a man wearing a long flowing robe and his hair was as white as snow. His smile blessed people far and wide, and everywhere he went he brought the wonderful spirit of optimism that pointed people to the Creator. People came from all over to give the cathedral their gold.

One day the white haired man asked his four daughters and one son to help him rule the cathedral. Each of the children were granted a special task to spread the cathedral's message.

The son was selected to be the new voice of the cathedral with a magnificent baritone voice and dashing good looks. He even appeared in another fairy tale called MTV's The Real Laguna Beach.

The first daughter was given the responsibility to bond families in the cathedral together. 

The second daughter was given a very very 'glorious' task of orchestrating the two annual cathedral celebrations full of exotic animals and imitation snow. A legend circulated throughout the land that high above the celebration were angels gliding through the air. Below were the men and women dressed like women singing alto. These celebrations became famous across many kingdoms. The fourth daughter, years earlier was sent to a distant land called Wheaton. In Wheaton, she dutifully prepared for this new glorious task. Even more gold was given to the cathedral.

The third daughter was also given a special task. She created a third celebration that told how the story of magical Kingdom first started. Chariots of elderly ladies came from everywhere to see this celebration and the giant animated volcanos and flying pterodactyls. 

The fourth daughter was given a "power" task of spreading the cheer of the cathedral across the world through flickering pictures on magical little boxes. This happens every week for just 360 seconds.

Everyone and everything in the cathedral was happy.

Until one day a curse entered the cathedral and the 360 seconds of power suddenly became something to be coveted. Round about the cathedral a thorn hedge began to grow, and every year it became higher, until it finally surrounded and covered the entire cathedral.

The father became very sad over his son's rule. The wind stopped blowing, and outside the cathedral not a leaf was stirring in the trees. The son was banished from the cathedral. The second daughter decided to move away to a distant island called Hawaii.

The father said the magical cathedral would not be ruled by family, yet  then, replaced the first son with the first daughter to be the new voice of cathedral. Soon the skies drew dark, and people no longer brought gold to the kingdom. The cathedral couldn't pay for the exotic animals or flying angels. The father told the family that they would only receive 50% of their gold for 4 months and the serfs would not receive 10% of their gold.

The people of the town became unhappy when they heard that the banished son and the fourth daughter were still receiving gold even after they had moved away from the magical cathedral.

Did they live happily ever after, Mommy? We will have to wait and see...

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