Friday, July 30, 2010

Barefoot and the Shark

Dawg Bowers is our "walking on water" hero! Lane "Dawg" Bowers '86 (born January 12, 1964) is the owner of The Footers Edge Training Center and  a two-time national barefoot jump champion and a top-three world finisher. Today, Dawg spends his time helping other people around the world to learn to barefoot water ski safely.   Dawg has taught thousands of people how to "barefoot" including  the world's strongest man, Phil Pfister. Dawg overcame a life threating disease to compete and win the Senior Men's Overall trophy during the 2003 Junior and Senior Barefoot World Championship. Dawg's notable accomplishments include being the first person in the world to ever do all four toe-turns "feet-to-feet" and also do all four line turns "feet-to-feet." (Shawn 'Animal' White's got nuthin on Dawg - who let the Dawg out? woof woof) Dawg's sponsors have included: Barefoot Company, Mercury, Malibu, Scheik, Oakley & Stryper. His best performace includes Slalom: 19.6, Jump: 92.1 feet and Tricks 7290 points. (We can't even do that on Wii.) In his spare time Dawg also loves to catch Florida snakes and alligators! Dawg is married and has one son.

Career Highlights
    * 2007 Barefoot Nationals - Open Pro Men Jumping Champion
    * 2006 Barefoot Worlds - Gold Medalist, Team overall; Silver Medalist, Men's slalom; Bronze Medalist, Men's Jumping
    * 2006 Barefoot Nationals - Open Pro Men Jumping Champion
    * 2004 Barefoot Nationals - Open Pro Men Jumping Champion
    * 2004 Barefoot Worlds - Bronze Medalist - world team champion
    * 2003 Barefoot Senior Worlds - 

         Men's jumping and overall champion, 
          team overall gold medalist, silver medalist in slalom and tricks
    * 2003 Barefoot Nationals - Open Pro Men jumping champion
    * 2002 Barefoot Nationals - Open Pro Men overall champion
    * 2000 Barefoot Worlds - 3rd place Overall; 2nd place
    * 2000 U.S. Barefoot Nationals - 2nd place
    * 1999 Silver Medal Slalom - Nationals
    * 1998 Worlds Bronze Tricks
    * 1997 Nationals Jump Champion
    * 1996 Worlds - 3rd Place Overall
    * 1995 Nationals Jump Champion
    * 1994 Worlds - 3rd Place Overall
    * 1992 Worlds Jump Champion, 3rd Place Overall
    * Member Elite U.S. Barefoot Team since 1992 

While Dawg is an excellent barefoot instructor, we learned that for 36 hours after your lesson -  your left foot is stuck up in the air.
(either that or these people are trying to insult the old Iraqi regime)



(H.T. Nomination: D.F.)

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