Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Read it and Leap


Read Schuuuuuuchardt is our pedagogical hero!  Dr. Read Mercer Schuchardt is Assistant Professor of Communication at Wheaton College. He is the founder and publisher of Metaphilm, a film interpretation website at He earned his Ph.D. at New York University's Media Ecology program under the advisement of the late Neil Postman with a dissertation on the Medieval Catholic Symbol System and Contemporary Corporate Iconography and the use of the Ontological Lapsometer. He and his wife Rachel homeschool their seventeen children. Read Mercer Schuchardt is the founder of CLEAVE: The Counter Agency. Read believes that "God Does Not Post to YouTube" but fortunately Wheaton does. Read wants you to take the leap and commit social media suicide... Click Here.

Here's are a few Schuchardtisms:
The speed of light is not your friend.

Attention deficit disorder is a perfectly natural reaction.

Cartoons are pornography for children.
Pornography is cartoons for adults.

Most of the world sleeps in one room.

Cloning humans is just the beginning.

Coffee is the blood of electronic culture.
The Internet deletes the automobile.

Coke, Disney and McDonald's are the new Holy Trinity.

Reality happens at 24 frames per second.
Truth happens at 44,000 frames per second.

Are you not utterly disposable?

Wheatie Heroes tried to dream up a few of our own Schuchardtisms...

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