Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Holy Shirt!

Tony Agape is our "Holy Shirt" hero! Anthony L. Agape '2003 is an American entreprenuer and ecommerce guru. Tony founded the retail company Holy Shirt Inc. to create a line of evangelism tshirts.

"After college, I found myself with all the material things of this world, but was without much purpose in life.  I began praying that God would use my gifts and talents. In December of 2004, while driving home through Victorville, the Lord led me to a little store called "Christian Headshop". The store was very cool, like nothing I had ever seen before!

What better way to start a "spiritual conversation" or be a walking billboard for God than with a tshirt? We live in a world where we are bombarded with 1700 advertising messages each day. How is the gospel suppose to cut through all that garbage? It was that night that God gave me the vision to share His life changing gospel message of grace, truth and love found in Jesus.

Only by prayer and faith did I proceed. I started praying about a name and after much prayer Holy Shirts became evident since it brought Jesus Christ all the glory! In April of 2006 after much opposition from retailers, the Lord opened our first retailer in Dallas! I learned it was all about praying, obeying and trusting in God's sovereignty. God began opening doors!  

There have been many challenges, but with God's strength and direction we have persevered. God is so faithful. By His grace we now have 400 retailers carrying our products and a website for online shopping. God is gracious and faithful!"

Here are Tony's top selling shirts:

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