Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moses to Malone

Dave Malone is our keeper of the crypt hero! David B. Malone '92 is Assistant Professor, Library Science and Head of Archives and Special Collections at Wheaton College.

Malone's main duties revolve around serving as a manuscripts librarian for the College's archive and the Library's special collections. In that capacity Malone provides bibliographic and research instruction for various general education and upper-division courses; patron reference and collection development for general, archival, and special collections; and, cataloging and processing of archival and special collections material. Malone also provides special subject lectures for various general education and upper-division courses, such as Historical Inquiry, Age of Johnson, New Testament Literature, and others. The College Archives documents Wheaton history, while the Special Collections provides rare and unique resources for research or general interest.

Malone is liaison to Intercultural Studies and the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals: his role as liaison for the above departments and programs, and aids the classroom faculty in the acquisition, provision, facilitation, and instruction in use of information resources and research in the areas of cross-cultural studies, mission, evangelism, and American Evangelicalism.

Malone is an expert on Wheaton's first president Jonathan Blanchard and his abolitionist activities, including the abolitionists he associated with, like Owen Lovejoy, a Wheaton trustee. Malone is also a historian of the U.S. Civil War as it relates to the issue of slavery and the Christian church. When his nose isn't stuck in a book, Malone is watching documentaries and cooking shows.

Malone shared these little known artifacts with us:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article from September 18, 1950 after a Billy Graham Crusade. Graham stopped taking Love Offerings after they published this backstage photo.

Beloved mole "Lilygloves" - C.S. Lewis 
had him stuffed at his home in Oxford.

Photo of Bill Gothard in 1964 with long hair.

Michael Gerson's old desk with his chewing gum stuck undeneath.

Duane Litfin's "liberate the covenant" beer tie.

The Cross of Coronation discovered by Dr. Jones and Josh McDowel in the hidden Seven Cities of Cibola.

Wes Craven backscratchers, once accidently borrowed by the 
grounds department to trim the hedges.

Blanchard Brew, Wheaton's first commemorative beer.

(H.T. Nomination P.R.)


  1. Sounds like an alumni award recipient in the making.

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