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Lloyd Graf is our "stick on" hero! Lloyd Graf (October 23, 1922 – March 19, 2003) '45 was a Christian educator and author who had a significant impact on sunday school curriculum in the 20th century.

Graf is best known for his work as Christian Education Director of Cincinnati Bible Church, In Cincinnati, Ohio. Literally hundreds of men and women came out of his Sunday School program into full-time Christian service. Graf was a gifted educator and was known as "Sp Graf" by those in his program. Graf also founded Good Commision Great News, a publishing company, and Snokaktonka Lake, a Christian Bible camp. Among the many he influenced was John McLean, and John Maxwell and James Daly. His book, Visualizing Bible Stories for the Modern Age, has sold over a million copies. Graf never married.

Graf is probably best known for creating the FlannelGraf Bible story system. It is a system that uses a board covered with flannel fabric, usually resting on an easel. It is very similar to Fuzzy felt, although its primary use is as a storytelling medium, rather than as a toy. The FlannelGraf is usually painted to depict a background scene appropriate to the story being told. Paper cutouts of characters and objects in the story are then placed on the board, and moved around, as the story unfolds. These cutouts are backed, either with flannel, or with some other substance that adheres lightly to the flannel background, such as coarse sandpaper.

The FlannelGraf is used as a storytelling method almost exclusively in elementary level Christian education. This may be attributed, in part, to the fact that flannelgraph is relatively inexpensive, yet provides a more vivid alternative to storytelling without visual illustration.

Here are our 10 favorite FlannelGraf scenes:

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