Friday, May 21, 2010

Marko Polo

Mark "Marko" Oestreicher is our "being present" hero! Mark Oestreicher '87 is an American author, speaker, consultant, coach and nativity set historian, living in San Diego. His passion, experience and expertise is anything to do with youth and adults who are still acting like youth, particularly in the context of the church.

Marko became a youth ministry veteran at age 12. The author of over 50  youth ministry books, Marko spends his time these days speaking, writing, consulting with organizations about youth and youth ministry, and running the Youth Ministry Coaching Program (YMCM.) Marko was the President of an organization that sold neck ties to children called Youth Special ties. He then legally changed his name to MarkoYS (his Xbox Star Wars avatar).   YS the company, not MarkoYS the person, was then acquired by the evil dutch ZondErmpire who managed to blow it up with the galactic death ray. Jedi's across the blogosphere were enraged, and began a Rebel Alliance. Actually, they jettisoned the ruins to the Wookies at YW. MarkoYS then again legally changed his name to WhyIsMarko.

WhyIsMarko is a volunteer middle school small group leader at his church in the San Diego area, where he lives with his wife and two teenage kids. WhyIsMarko reads quite a bit, loves X-box, the occasional round of golf, and playing Marko Polo in his backyard hot tub. WhyIsMarko blogs at and his professional website - if you can spell it - is You are at the right site, if you see a 40ft tall giant on the homepage.
WhyIsMarko is collaborating with "Church to Church" to help rebuilt Haiti - and will be getting on a plane hours from now to return to Haiti - you can support the project here. WhyIsMarko is a connoisseur and historical maven of nativity scenes, and has offered to share his personal collection with us.

(HT: Nomination J.S.)


  1. Who is this? You are doing a great disservice to your alma mater. Please discontinue this blog, it is very unbefitting, you should be ashamed of yourself. I am going to pray for you.

  2. ha! i'm surprised, slightly freaked out, and humbled. what a great service to your alma mater! :)

  3. Good for you for speaking your mind!