Thursday, May 20, 2010


Bruce "HOOAH" Sidebotham is our "kill 'em with kindness" hero! Dr. Bruce Sidebotham '81 spent seven years doing cross-cultural ministry in Indonesia. He is the son of a Navy Chaplain, a civil engineer, and a former officer in the Army Corps of Engineers. He has a master’s degree in cross-cultural communication and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and a Doctor of Ministry degree from New Geneva Theological Seminary. Bruce and his wife Lynn have raised four boys. Their youngest son was born in Indonesia. As a chaplain in the US Army Reserves, Bruce spent a year in Iraq (2008-09). Bruce survived the 1992 Indonesia volcano eruption but has burn scars on his back from the lava. (find the full story in the Wheaton Alumni Magazine - you are keeping all of them aren't you?)

He directs Operation Reveille ( It has very creative ways to engage Muslims with the Gospel, including a resource for developing a friendships with Muslims titled, Hummus, Haircuts and Henna Parties. I guess that's probably better than missionary dating that some freshman have been doing. On the site, you can even download a Kurdish New Testament - here.

Bruce is one of the  founders/advisors for Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer ( According to the site, you can register a commitment to pray regularly and specifically for a terrorist of your choice.

This site has a variety of features to help you do this, including:

* Search for a terrorist, viewing pictures and bios
* Register to pray for a terrorist and receive “adoption papers”
* Tool to invite friends to join you in a prayer family for a terrorist
* News feed and email notifications, to keep you up-to-date about recent events related to your adopted terrorist
* Articles, advice, an suggestions that you can use for inspiration

You can help promote "Adopt-a-Terrorist" through purchasing shirts or mugs in their online store - click here. (just don't expect to make it through airport security)

Yes, we might not be able to find Osama Bin Laden, but one thing is for sure, God knows where he is, so all we need to do is pray. Here is a downloadable guide on how to pray for a terrorist. Who would have guessed that 3 weeks ago,
Faisal Shahzad would have thousands of Christians praying for his soul. Maybe a terrorist will think twice before ending up on the prayer sheet of Aunt Mabel at Hillside Bapist in Dubuque - 'cause we all know that's our countries secret weapon.

Dr. Bruce consults with ministries to help them understand cross-cultural outreach. To better understand it ourselves, Wheaton Heroes put together 8 Middle East faux pas to avoid.

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