Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad to the Brand

Brad Drakehall is our "your logo here" hero! Brad Bach Drakehall '87 is a prominent American Hollywood brand agent and co-CEO of Big Bad Brad Brand Entertainment. He has represented Apple Computer, Coke, Nike and Dominos. He has been described as the "top agent". Drakehall started his industry work at InterTanker and later worked at United Brand Agency as an agent. He began working for CAA (Creative Artists Agency) in 1995. In 2001, he left to start BBBB., an under -the-radar firm that doesn't even have a website. Drakehall married sports illustrated swimsuit model, Cindy Simer-Drakehall in 2000. He has 4 children: twins, Judge, a daughter Nico born in 2002, a son, Captain, born in 2006 and a girl, Ella, born in 2009.

Drakehall and his agency have placed over 10,000 brands in Hollywood feature films. Brandweek said "If you see Angelina Jolie holding a diet a coke it's most likely because of Brad, No not Brad Pitt, Brad Drakehall." Brad is a deacon at Bel Air Presbyterian where his family has attended for 25 years. Brad says his time he spent at Wheaton College made a big  impact in his life, "I learned that it wasn't grades, it wasn't studying, it was all about personal relationships. I made it a point to "do lunch" with each of my professors once a month. It didn't matter if I went to every single class, they knew that I was in their corner, I was pulling for them to be successful."

We asked Drakehall how his faith had impacted his work in Hollywood, Drakehall said, "To be honest, I don't wear Jesus on my sleeve, but people that know me, know that I try to be fair but tough. I like that verse that says 'we are to be as sly as a fox, and hungry as a lion.' I've done well, so I try to give back and host several golf fundraisers for important projects like MOCA and we recently restored the old Hollywood Wilderborne Theater. Those things make me feel good."

Drakehall also loves to sneak in his old alma mater into a film when he can, he shared these five Wheaton brandspotting scenes with us.
See if you can find the brands.

Da Vinci Code: Angels & Demons - Tom Hanks (click to enlarge)

Clerks II - Kevin Smith (click to enlarge)

Extraordinary Measures (2010) - Harrison Ford (click to enlarge)

Julia & Julia - Meryl Streep (click to enlarge)

Sex & The City Movie - Sarah Jessica Parker (click to enlarge)

(HT Nomination: L.B.)

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