Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kulp Writ Rap

Johnny "Big-Kulp" is our "yo do it to it OG" hero! Since he is the original gangsta rappa of Carbon 14 theory - here's our shout-out-hollaaa to the Big Kulp. PEACE2daNIECE

John Laurence Kulp ain't no beastie boy or japaneez mist
he's a big bad 20th cent gangsta known as a geochemist
he lead the way on toxic fallout and acid rain
better move out of the way or you'll feel his pain
an ASA advocate of OLD earth theory
no pseudoscience flood geology to make yous weary

born in Jersey in nineteen twenty one
lived the streets for eighty five years without no gun,
yo, yo, yo, yo, he didn't believe in God
spat out the episcopals like they were fraud
with homies in the Bretheren he found what's what
It came from Dublin like a quick JUMP cut

Big Kulp was heavy and transferred to Wheatie town
later a PHD in chemistry fat beats like a touchdown
woot woot woot

The mac daddy of the radiometric dating he saw it all
pioneer of carbon dating, darwin gets his bugle call
Sit down, stand up for carbon 14
jimbo talk, jumbo stalk on a widescreen

A fifties maverick, he told 'em atomic testing was crunk
strontium-90 finding its way into your daddys junk
and N20 emissions  are fallin from the heavens
dispensationalists are coming up all SEVENS

OK listen up lucy, cause hominids walked the land
you log cabin boys need to shut the * up on the stand
biggie brain flood geology is alive and swell
snizzle nifty mcfizzle believe the science bone cell!

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  1. You obviously understand nothing about this subject. Kulp's field of expertise was not theology and he should not have entered into that debate.