Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He's Money. (But Doesn't Know It)

Phil Yancey is our "theological grandmaster of funk" hero! Philip Yancey (born 1949) is an American Christian author. Fourteen million of his books have been sold worldwide, making him one of the best-selling evangelical Christian authors. Two of his books have won the ECPA's Christian Book of the Year Award: The Jesus I Never Knew in 1996, What's So Amazing About Grace in 1998.

Yancey was born in Atlanta, Georgia. When Yancey was one year old, his father, stricken with polio, died after his church elders suggested he go off life support in faith that God would heal him. This was one of the reasons he had lost his faith at one point of time. After high school he attended Columbia Bible College, where he met his wife, Janet. Yancey graduated magna cum laude from Columbia Bible College and earned his MA with highest honors from the graduate school of Wheaton College. His two graduate degrees in Communications and English were earned from Wheaton College Graduate School and the University of Chicago.

Yancey moved to Chicago, Illinois, and in 1971 joined the staff of Campus Life magazine—a sister publication of Christianity Today directed towards high school and college students—where he served as editor for eight years. Yancey was for many years an editor for Christianity Today and wrote articles for Reader's Digest, The Saturday Evening Post, Publishers Weekly, Chicago Tribune Magazine, Eternity, Moody Monthly, and National Wildlife, among others. He now lives in Colorado, working as a columnist and editor-at-large for Christianity Today. He was a member of the editorial board of Books & Culture when he killed the Chignell cover story. He travels around the world for speaking engagements.

Yancey was critically injured in a motor vehicle accident in February 2007 but recovered well. By August 2007, he had completed his goal of climbing all 54 of Colorado's 14,000-foot-plus mountains, the final three after his accident. 

Today, Yancey is the rockstar of rockstars, feeding the brains of the planets culture mavens, only he lives a quiet life in Colorado and is unaware of this. Although he did have dinner once with Bono. Unfortunately, Yancey couldn't understand a word out of Bono's mouth between the thick Irish brogue and the Carson's ribs.

We asked Yman what he thought about receiving a Wheaton Hero Award during the "Help I've Been Kidnapped by Christian Subculture Week."

Yman said "I worry about Christians who turn on Christian radio when they get up and watch Christian TV and go to Christian bookstores, and have Christian yellow pages to determine where to get their car repaired and their rug shampooed -I don't think that is what Jesus had in mind at all. If anything, He was going away from people like Him and reaching out to others. That keeps you from being in-grown and shakes up your faith. Besides, I had enough of that at Wheaton, even the tacos were Christian."

Well said Yman!

Since crossword puzzles are Yman's guilty pleasure, we created a special one just about him.

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