Monday, May 3, 2010

You aren't a Cotton-headed Ninny-muggins

Todd Komarnicki is our elfin' goodness hero! Todd Komarnicki '87 is a screenwriter, actor, producer director, and novelist with such illustrious credits as; Meet Dave, CSI, Perfect Stranger, Resistance and of course the hit movie, Elf. He has two published novels, War, and Famine which are both childrens books. Todd was also the Crusader football radio announcer while at Wheaton. Currently, Todd has several projects in development including; Don't Lean on Me, The Retreat, Glory Days; The Saga of Chet Steele, Painkiller and Change.

Todd recently said in the press, "I was blessed to get an early start, but after ten years of selling screenplays, none got made—which is the secret of Hollywood, that only 10% of purchased scripts ever become movies. I was in that 90%, making a living based on my reputation with about 30 people on the planet, writing a lot of movies I cared about that weren’t seeing the light of day. That drove me into producing and directing. I thought, if I put my head on the line for those things, I’d have more possibilities that the wheel might come up with my number on it."

Wheaton heroes this week is featuring our unsung heroes of Hollywood. We love our creative alumni who are changing culture, and making a name for themselves. We know that they will attract the next generation of students to Wheaton. We could talk about missionaries and pastors of small churches all day long, but it's the Hollywood tycoons who we want as the face of the new Wheaton. Todd gave an eight minute phone interview last week before heading off to have lunch with Vinny Chase.

W.H. Todd thanks for taking our call. We only had to call your agent at CAA twenty-nine times and then hold a sit-in on the hood of her Masarati before she would give us your phone number.
Todd: Sorry about that, you know how things work out here.

WH: Todd, we understand you produced the movie Elf back in 2003, how fabulous! that must have been exciting, tell us what it was like working with Will Ferrell?
Todd: I think to myself everyday, I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this. Then I get over it and order my interns to get me another cappuccino and veré chocolate bar. You know the veré bars are from ingredients cultivated in Ecuador and are High-Antioxidant, Low-Glycemic, Vegan, Fair Trade Certified-Organic dark chocolate. The cacao beans are only picked in the early morning.

W.H. Nice, nice, but what was it like working with Will Ferrell?
Todd: Ohh, you know Will is Will.  Oh, I got another call coming in, hold on a moment babe... OK, I'm back where were we? Let me tell you about a new project I'm working on called "Three-Way with Shelly," no it's not like that Jeff Nordling, Pornstar movie, this a movie that I directed, deals with juggling multiple telemarketers at once, on her three-way phone. Hold on, I got another call coming in.

W.H. Hello? You back? What did you say about Will Ferrell? Did you get to hang out with him, break some bread together? Give us one of those funny little anecdotes that happened on the set.
Todd: Like I said, Will, he's a funny guy, but off camera he kinda lives in his own head. Know what I mean, babe?

W.H. Todd that's not your real last name right? You made that up for Hollywood. What's the inside joke there, who's the real Komarnicki?
Todd: Who's the real Komarnicki? please stand-up, please stand-up, that is a good question. No that's my real name, baby. Hold on... Yes it's the black Bentley with license plate HOTPROD. Ok, What...

W.H. I know we've only got time for one more question, so tell us Todd, "What is Will Ferrell really like? Were you able to share Jesus with him? What church does he go to? Does he swear when he's not on camera? Do you think you could bring him to the Wheaton College Promise Dinner in L.A.?
Todd: Who is this again? Beep. Beep. I gotta go, thanks for the call and go see, Three-Way with Shelly.

W.H. You got it, Toddo, any time you and Will want to stop by Wheaton just let us know.

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