Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Promise.

Johnny Promise is our "devisal" hero! John Davison Promise '62 is an American industrialist. Promise revolutionized  estate planning and has defined the structure of modern planned giving. In 1974, he founded Last Gift Inc. Promise created the statistical algorithms that help organizations to know who will pass away and in what order, so that they can qualify leads without missing a heartbeat. With Johnny's pure charisma, Wheaton decided to name their current fundraising campaign after this man of men.

Last Gift Inc. and it's subsidiary Still Warm Deposits, Inc. began as an Nevada partnership formed by John D. Promise,  his brother Ring Promise, and a silent partner, Louie 'the clincher' Macanado. Although it has been Johnny who has led the organization to new heights with his ABC methodology. Researchers conservatively estimated that $41 trillion will transfer through settled estates during the 55-year new era period from 1998 to 2052. Last Gift, Inc. has been at the forefront of creating campaigns that will catch those dollars before they go to sons and daughters to be wasted on frivolity. Promise estimates that it costs only 40 cents to secure one dollar of a "last gift" through a typical planned giving program. "That's 60 cents that might be spend by a family on plasma televisions and sports cars that can now be spent on plasma workstations and sports programs"

Many call Johnny the most devisal alumni ever;
- At first glance he convinces you that you don't want to inherit money from your parents
- He is the only man who makes a Wheaton sweatshirt look like a tuxedo, even while not wearing pants.
- Development Associates love to meet with him just to hear him whistle amazing grace in 4 octaves
- When he walks on campus small animals work together to gather food
- He has the whole Bible memorized in Greek, and is finishing the last 2436 language translations by hand.
- When dining in the cafeteria the cream corn tastes like it was prepared by Paul Bocuse
- When Johnny speaks in Chapel they don't bother to take attendance, and charge admission
- At the last National Promise event, hotel employees gave a million dollar donation
- When he was a student he could dance while standing still
- He coined the phrase "For Christ and His Kingdom"  while sleep talking

Johnny Promise is the most devisal alumni ever, stay thirsty my friends.

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