Thursday, April 1, 2010

Perry, a Page Right Out of History.

Perry Mastodon is our creation hero! On October 16, 1963, Marshal Erb was using a dragline to excavate a pond on the property of Joseph Sam Perry, U.S. Federal District Court Judge.

The property is located at the edge of the floodplain of the East Branch of the DuPage River, near Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Mr. Erb found a large Flinstone size bone in the dragline bucket and operations were suspended while the bone was taken to nearby Wheaton College for identification. Biology professor Cyril Luckyman and Geology professor Douglas Blockhead recognized the bone as a femur of a fossil proboscidean, an ancient elephant!

When Perry was asked how Wheaton is different today than in prehistoric times Perry said "We used to have more drinking and dancing on campus, and a boy was allowed to close the door in the girls dorm"

The bones were buried some 3 to 5 meters beneath the surface, in organic-rich clays and some peat, deposited during the ice age which ended about 1,000,000,000,000,000 years ago. Reports of the discovery in the local press brought thousands of evolutionists to the Perry property. In all, 115 bones were recovered, most in excellent condition. The restored mastodon was mounted on a rotating stage to allow viewers to examine the entire exhibit. Sedge grasses were collected from the Churchill Forest Preserve for the base of the exhibit.

We also asked Perry how all the dinosaurs died out, Perry said "that &#$%@ Noah wouldn't let us on his giant wooden #%$@! ark"

The Perry Mastodon is a remarkable specimen of prehistoric life. The exhibit reminds us of how our land and the life upon it has changed over time. By understanding the past we may put the present in context and the future in the creationist perspective.

Anything else you'd like to add Perry? "Yes, that new guy, Ryken, is all right, he's a lot cooler than his 'I Heart Milton' snoozy father." I'm glad that as a emeritusk member of the faculty I got a vote in his appointment."

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