Thursday, April 8, 2010

In A World...

Jeff Nordling is our "missionary to Hollywood" hero! Jeffrey Nordling '84 is the American actor who portrayed Tahna Los in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Past Prologue". He is perhaps best known for playing Jake Manning on the television series Once and Again and for his major role in the 1996 film D3: The Mighty Ducks. He was recently seen as FBI Special Agent in Charge Larry Moss on the hit espionage series 24. Nordling was a main cast member on the FX television series Dirt in 2007, playing DirtNow publisher Brent Barrow.

Nordling also starred as airline passenger Tom Burnett in the 2006 made-for-TV movie Flight 93, which chronicled the events aboard United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, leading up to the plane's crash in Pennsylvania.

In 2009, Jeffrey joined the cast of Desperate Housewives, playing Nick Bolen, the on-screen husband of Drea De Matteo (Adriana from the Sopranos).

We asked Jeff how he planned to share the gospel and challenge co-workers worldviews on the cast of Desperate Housewives. "What do mean share the gospel? like give my producer a Bible or invite them to church on sunday? This is Hollywood, I can't let anyone know that I believe in God, how would I get more work?"

Jeff you gotta know that Desperate Housewives is the antithesis of what we would call "redemptive art" here at Wheaton. Why would you use your God given gift of acting to bless a tv series like that? Nordling, "I don't know, I don't think it's that bad, is it? I mean it's not like it's an adult film."
This just in... Nordling's upcoming 2010 theatrical film is the drama "Pornstar" from Proton Entertainment. Screeeeeech. What??? Did you just say that our lovable Larry Moss is going to be staring a film titled "Pornstar." The tagline of the movie is "When you look down on a pornstar, you’re still looking…" Ok, maybe it's like kinda like "don't cast the first stone, yeah like FireProof, a film you can show at your church.

Oh no, no, no, here's the trailer. (Don't do a google search for "Pornstar" trust me on this one.)
We have just convened the nominating committee for Wheaton Heroes. We are putting it up to a vote to see if we need to strip , I mean revoke Nordling of his award. What do you think Prof. Lewis? "No comment"

Wait... this just in... our contact at TMZ just told us that the movie has been nixed, scraped, torpedoed, rubbed out, killed. Hey wait a minute, did CTi's  John Wilson and Harold Smith have something to do with that? The conspiracy grows. (HT: Dr.)

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