Monday, April 19, 2010

But He Plays One on TV.

Eric Stevens is our "I'm not a Dr. but I play one on TV" hero! Eric Sheffer-Stevens, '93 is an American born actor from Connecticut.
Eric has appeared in numerous national tv ads and television shows. Most recently he appeared in the Nora Ephron film "Julie & Julia" and played a murderer pimp on Law & Order in a story based on the Eliot Spitzer scandal.

We are proud to have another well-know face amongst our Wheaton Hereos.

Currently Eric is starring as Dr. Reid Oliver a fictional character on CBS's daytime drama As The World Turns. Making his first appearance on January 19, 2010. Reid Oliver revealed himself to be gay, adding to a list of fictional characters on the show that have been connected to Luke and Noah, (or NUKE) the first teen same sex couple in American soap history. Dr. Oliver is as crabby and arrogant and rule-busting as House, and is obnoxiously touting his brilliance as a brain surgeon, while being rude as hell to anyone in his path. Dr. Oliver’s top assignment is to cure young Noah of his blindness, but the one he’s really been working on is Noah’s boyfriend Luke.

Tv Guide Magazine recently asked Eric how would he feel if Dr. Oliver and Luke had a gay affair?
Eric: "Great! That would be juicy and I hope the show will really do something with it, you know? There aren’t that many gay relationships in soaps. I’m open to whatever makes my character more complicated." ranked Eric #3 in their latest daytime poll of hunky actors. Also Out Magazine's Small Screen Awards recently awarded Eric the Golden Chaps for his performance on ATWT. On May 18th, Eric will be the guest of honor on the Isaac Mizrahi pink flamingo float  during the NYC Gay & Lesbian parade.

Eric's been a working actor for more than a decade and lives in New York City with his real-life wife, Jenny Sheffer-Stevens (also an actor)  and their two children, Violet and Hutch.
Wait... so he's not gay? Did we confirm this with his parents? Really? He has a wife and 2 kids--but he lives New York... downtown or uptown? He lives downtown. Are you sure he's not gay? 
We've asked Eric to take this 5 question survey to establish whether he is gay or not gay.

1. What do you normally wear?
A. Briefs
B. Boxers
C. Boxer Briefs
D. Thong

Eric Sheffer-Stevens: B

2. Have you ever had your eyebrows plucked, waxed, or in some other way modified?
A. Yes
B. No

Eric Sheffer-Stevens: A (but only for acting)

3. Open up your closet and tell us what you see.
A. Jeans, Wheaton College Sweats, t-shirts - the basics
B. Everything tight, shiney, and button-up
C. I have nothing worth hanging up
D. Myself in the mirror

Eric Sheffer-Stevens A

4. What's on your iPod?
A. Al Green
B. Johnny Cash
C. Michael W. Smith
D. Erasure

Eric Sheffer-Stevens: A

5. Louis Vuitton is:

A. A Biblical Scholar
B. Your kids school teacher
C. A Yankee
D. My favorite designer, Hello!

Eric Sheffer-Stevens: D

6. Did you name one of your children after a 70's tv show character?
A. Yes
B. No

Eric Sheffer-Stevens: C

7. Do you have a fancy, 2-part name?

A. Yes
B. No

Eric Sheffer-Stevens: A

8. Have you ever stayed at a Bed & Breakfast?
A. Yes
B. No

Eric Sheffer-Stevens: A

9. Do you prefer your wife with long hair or short hair?
A. Long
B. Short

Eric Sheffer-Stevens: A

10. You are waiting in the lobby to get your nails done, do you pick up:
A. Cosmo
B. Men's Fitness
C. Vogue
D. Lucky

Eric Sheffer-Stevens: B

WH: Gay!!!! You are gay!!! gay, gay, gay, gay, gay! Come on, that was a trick question,. First off you are getting your nails done? Then you choose Men's Fitness? That's sooo gay! The right answer was Cosmo, the women are half naked in that magazine.

ESS: Hey, lots of actors play gay characters but aren't gay, just look at Heath Ledger he was in Brokeback Mountain, but we wasn't gay.

WH: We just talked to your father-in-law, he says you may not be gay, but he said "no son-in-law of his is gonna be playing a gay doctor on TV and expect to be sitting down at my thanksgiving table, tell Eric he drop the grandkids off next year and go stay at bed & breakfast with his buddy, Luke Duke"

ESS: You don't even know my father-in-law, besides I'm finally making good money as an actor so he doesn't need to worry about his daughter having to waitress at night in new york.
WH: Good money huh? Maybe we can build the Eric Sheffer-Stevens theater on campus. NOT!
ESS: Ok, whatever, but it's obvious that Wheaton students today are more interested in someone on TV than someone working at local food shelter, not that I'm saying that's right or anything. I don't see the names of any of those servant types on the Wheaton profile page.
WH: Well Wheaton Heroes are people who have a voice in culture, shining examples of the Wheaton spirit, front row types. It's the front row types that are gonna attract more future leaders to Wheaton. If you want to be a Dionysius Exiguus type, then go to Westmont.
ESS: So I'm confused. Am I the type of alumni that Wheaton is proud of?
WH: Yeah, No. Maybe if you can get another acting gig, where you are still famous but don't play a gay character or murderer pimp. For now, we'll put you in the Wes Craven's category, but there's always room for redemption.
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  1. Hahaha. That was wonderful <3

  2. I have to wonder how much of this conversation was real. Did you really speak to Eric's father-in-law? The whole tone of this website is so odd that I hardly know what is real and what is just a joke. But shouldn't someone try to reason with Mr. Stevens rather than just insult him? It sounds to me as if he really knows deep down that what he's doing isn't right. But we can see the dilemma he faces. Show business is hyper-competitive and one needs to be flexible when establishing himself as an actor. I don't condone what he's doing, but I would try a different approach to reach him. Hate the sin, love the sinner. Right? Or do we really want to feel righteous and yet push ESS further into the arms (so to speak) of the cultural left?

  3. Love ESS, love his portrayal of Dr. Reid Oliver. An amazing performance by an exceptionally talented actor. I believe he is headed for greatness. Thanks for the amusing interview.

  4. That was idiotic, and if true (which I doubt) rude. I hope that you are not gay. But if you are, shame on you. If you are not, you should get a life.

  5. Will all members of Homophobics Anonymous please go to our lost & found section to pick up your humanity and dignity. Thank you.