Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He Made A Mint.

Charles Wadsworth is our minty hero! Wadsworth is the inventor of the 60 day naphthalene disinfectant mint block. This was a major breakthrough since most urinal mints were made of paradichlorobenzene and it was recognised that paradichlorobenzene had carcinogenic risks where inhalation in a confined space such as a washroom presents a very real danger.

Novelty urinal mints are from time to time manufactured with bull's eyes or pop-culture villains pictured upon them. There is also an advertising or promotional talking block that provides an auto activated 15 second pre-recorded audio message or flashing lights from inside the urinal. It was Wadsworth who innovated the quaternary ammonium compounds by saturating it with a scenting compound, such as cherry.

"It give me great joy to be able to give back to society through producing high quality products that enrich peoples lives. I believe being a Christian business man comes with a responsibility and a special spiritual privilege. Last year I gave each our 943 employees a copy of the Gary Chapman book The 5 Love Languages for their Christmas bonus"

Each year Wadsworth Industries produces 46 million urinal mints (urinal mint is the preferred industry term over urinal cakes). Their clients include The White House, United Nations, Grand Ole Opry and Smithsonian Museum. Wadsworth has kept Wheaton deodorized with donated mints in our school colors each year since 1984.

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