Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Big Guy Behind The Big Guy.

"Joltin" A. Larry Ross is our 6'9" hero! Larry not only embodies the spirit of Wheaton but grew up across the street. Mr. Ross has diverse experience in all forms of promotion and communications. His company ALR (no, that's not Automated Lip Reading) has developed national and international images for worldwide organizations, in several cases serving as primary corporate spokesman.

Larry Boy has helped numerous organizations conduct issues management, corporate positioning, crisis communications and coordinate special events – influencing public opinion through an effective use of media and public relations.

Mr. Ross has extensive radio/television training and expertise. Before his involvement with public relations agencies in New York, Philadelphia and Dallas (since 1980), he spent several years as field spokesman for the General Motors Corporation. He has also handled media positioning for baseball great Joe DiMaggio and evangelist Billy Graham, and Rick "BB" Warren.

"I can throw spin like a big leaguer" Says Big Larry. "If Wheaton is ever in crisis mode I'm the 911,  I can squash a story, quiet a controversy or make lemonade out of bananas." Mr. Ross has broad experience in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. In New York, his focus was media liaison with business press, including investor relations and financial public relations for the nation’s second-largest savings bank. He even owns the domain name

Larry's advice to Wheaton students "Don't be the next Carrie Prejean, and when I say that I don't mean don't make sex tapes of yourself, well I mean that too, what I mean is don't hire someone and not pay them $64,000, oh and please stop asking me if BG wears boxers or briefs"

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